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Solar power is an ideal investment, but every roof is different and good advice is very important. We have more than 15 years of experience with the most diverse roofs. Do you want high efficiency panels? Are aesthetics important? Or do you prefer the most economical solution? In addition to experience, we have a wide range of products, so that we can effortlessly put together a solar power system that perfectly fits your situation and wishes.

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Why solar power?

Increasingly shorter return on investment

Solar panels will benefit you for at least 25 years.

Much lower energy bill

You can generate your own electricity by purchasing solar panels.

Absolute added value to your home

By investing in solar energy you increase the value of your home.

Little to no maintenance

Solar panels require little maintenance.

How does a solar power system work?

The solar panels capture daylight (both direct and diffused) and convert this into direct current.
An inverter converts this into alternating current and extracts maximum energy from the solar panels.
A monitoring system monitors the performance of the solar power system.
The fuse box distributes the generated power and used mains power to all your devices.
These use both types of power and the meter keeps track of the yield and consumption.
Generated electricity that you do not consume goes to the grid.

And of course you will only find the best brands with us