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Why switch?

Not only are you helping Mother Nature by reducing your carbon footprint, but solar panels are also a smart investment for your business. Because we live in a country where the sun shines nearly every day, you can recover your investment in an average of 6 to 7 years. Which in the best case scenario will give you a return on your investment of 16% per year, without taking into account that the price of electricity rises every year.

Save on your energy bill

With solar power you generate your own energy. Which as a consumer makes you less dependent on the power companies and on the cost of electricity.

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A great investment

Solar power is good for your wallet

By generating electricity yourself, you save a lot of costs, including the net energy price, energy tax, and the VAT charged on it. By avoiding electricity costs, you quickly earn a return on your investment and you ultimately earn money simply by choosing solar energy. This makes solar panels a wise and profitable investment.


Great for the Future

Solar panels are good for the future. They age very slowly: after 25 years, a solar panel still yields at least 80% of what it originally generated. The reason that solar panels last so long and have a low aging rate is mainly due to the fact that a solar panel is made of high quality materials and contains no moving parts. It can be concluded that if the choice is made to switch to solar power now, enough energy will be generated in the next 25 years to operate almost completely independently of energy companies. The panels are very robust and reliable which makes them a reliable investment for the future.


It is clear that solar power is a profitable and solid investment, however there is another advantage to switching to solar power. It is not only good for your wallet and the future, but also for the planet. To generate electricity, power stations convert fossil fuels into electricity. Through this process enormous quantities of greenhouse gases are blown into the atmosphere which are very polluting. With solar power, these emissions can be drastically reduced and a step can be taken towards cleaner air for now and for later.